About Us

ZAICHEM established in 2004 owned by the Yusuf Zai Family. It engaged in Textile Business, Distribution, Trading, Polymerization and reactions for auxiliaries, manufacturing every kind of Chemicals from sizing to finishing and other Specialty Polymers.

Zaichem is one of the well-reputed and established companies in Pakistan. Our company has a proven track record and an impeccable reputation of integrity in the market. This has lead to a well-established customer’s base for all products we manufacture, distribute or trade in.

We take pride in marketing and enjoy personal relationships with all our customers be it a major end user or a small trader in.

Quality Objective 

Zaichem commits to continually improve the value of products and services. Our goal is to deliver quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements while always operating fairly and honestly with customers, suppliers and employees.

Why Us ?

Effective Cost 

We always try to Ensure cost-effective operations by improving productivity and reducing waste of expensive material.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in Maximize customer satisfaction through our innovative products and our excellent services.

Safe Delivery

We maintain & meet delivery schedule & supply on time with full safety as per customer needs and requirements.


Right Packaging

We provide the right packaging as per Sea worthy international Standards, taking utmost care & safety to prevent hazards.



Our mission is to provide complete gratification
to our customers by providing them quality
service and support at affordable price.
Idea Infinity is fully committed to
progress and the pursuit of
excellence within the
services industry.


Our vision is to touch the horizon where our
capabilities successfully meet with
requirements of our clients,
that too with ultimate
transparency and